Friday, December 17, 2010

Tweets of Gold December 16th

   The Tweets of Gold chart this week sees  Fleur moving into the number 1 spot with her great photo and graphic arts tweets. Autumn slips down to 2.The moves are coming from Farmer Darrell who climbs to the 6 position and two new entries at 9 and 10 Roscoe(photography) and Jodi  (funny sweet pink rose).Our number 1 prediction is David @ who tweets some great nature photos and info.
Tweets of the Week
The Cute Tweet of the Week 
 Prediction for number1@
Animals kissing! OMG !   
Photo Art tweet of the week
40 Ladies in Dark Manipulation by Lady Symphonia  
Tweet that made me go WOW
Could have been cute tweet but cute can make you go WOW can't it.
@ @
You Won't Believe How Cute These Hedgehogs Are! (Pics)  
Tweet that made me smile.
After slipping from 2 to 4 on Tweets of Gold last week.She reckoned it was a Rainy Night in Georgia.The Diva lives in Atlanta Georgia,Cheers Edna!

Number 1  @_Fleur__
This lady finds the best Photography and Graphic art tweets in the twittersphere.
Most Beautiful CG Girls Artworks -
Sulfur In The Crater Of The Kawah Ijen Volcano in East Java -
40 Ladies in Dark Manipulation by Lady Symphonia via @
Ma Walton LOL!
 Tweets  inspiring and interesting Quotes

Hot child in the city running wild and lookin pretty.

  Whitesnake And David Cloverdale

Christopher thanks so much for the great photography tips you tweet.Read them all the time.Thanks friend!

Splash! Remarkable High Speed  via @ @
7 Tips and Tricks for Better Photo Composition  
40 Ladies in Dark  Manipulation by Lady Symphonia via @
Beautiful Eyes By Bella Tokaeva

Legends of Twitter
Oleg Dou


Rainy Night in Georgia
Can't Stop The Rain

Lauryn Hill Doo Wop ( That Thing )

Lovely Reine quotes straight from the heart to the head to us.
Can you hear me, as I am not momentum nor mystic. Can you feel me, as I am not dreams or reality, I am energy, between breath and light.
What do we seek if we live from thy heart? What secret do we long to unfold? Can we not be still enough to know, we ARE the light

Number 6    @farmerdarrel

Pa Walton LOL!

The man with tweets that make you laugh and smile.

 Nashville Tennessee farmer and funny family guy.

Twitter Tip

Sweet,kind ,loving lady of Athens
Anthia's favorite author.

Twitter's Miss Cute Nature and Animal Tweets!
Beautiful! Hiver: Côté givré: v
Number 9  @

Roscoe tweets some great photography links.
Best of 2010: Top 10 Worst Album Covers
Check up some great pics: Larry Louie – Photographer of the Year 2010
30 Brilliant Examples of Surreal Photo Manipulation From Dusk to Dawn – Sun Photography RT @

Number 10  @x_WeePebbles_x
The sweet pink lady from Glasgow

Nite All My Wee Tweethearts o_O Xxx
Oh ano lol....Oh well you better get a move on chop chop ! pink wishes for your son and hope goes well babe !!! loves ya Xxx
Dear Santa, I may Have Been A Bad Girl..But I Can Explain ....!!!! All I Want And Need Is Love To Be Happy ...Pain&Stress Free Can I Get It!

Our Number 1 Prediction
"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."

Adorable baby gorilla, playful lion and leopard cubs & more in this week's best animal photos RT @
Leopard and the rainbow. 7 Albino Wonders of the Animal World RT @ 

          People To Follow  
Celebrity Tweeter of the Week
  The Alchemist 
To @ : haters are confused admirers who don't understand why people love you.
Dreams and dreamers can't be tamed
First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean (MT 23:26)

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