Friday, October 4, 2013

Tweets for the Month of September

Laura Bentley @ABBestphotos
Checkout Laura's awesome photo galleries here at 

Images like these 

 Cheers to my good friend Cathy ! The cuddly Canadian for tweeting this !
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The lovely 
         Ellie Goulding here @elliegoulding
How Long Will I Love You

It Started with a Song 
It started with a song… yes I know, it usually does! This isn’t about a particular song but many I’ve learned to love. It’s mainly about me and my piano, a love affair that started oh so many years ago.

 writer, painter, music lover, caffeine addict ~ if I could change the world... I would fill it with love and music

Daniel Pollock 
Daniel on Twitter @danielpollock
The Running Boy
A hideaway lake in the mountains above Los Angeles. A reclusive bachelor. A woman journalist on the run with a mystery boy… just a step ahead of a pair of hired killers. These are the initial ingredients of this full-throttle, nonstop chase thriller, which accelerates from the opening pages to its breathtaking finale.
Checkout Daniels Blog

Checkout Carmens amazing artwork here at

Poetry and Art by 
Check her Blog Here Amazing Adrielle

Piercing through night's blackness,
   With tiny graceful beams,
These glittering spots of starlight
   Guide my nightly treasured dreams. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Highlighted People

These people post some great digital art and photo manipulation pictures check them out and follow their tweets.
Photos and artwork like this by Katt Amaral

Thought I would include here for awesome historical photos Really enjoy their  posts.
or check their super historical photos out here at
Child Miners from the 1900's

Goes to my good friend Reine !

Always loved her poetry.
Check more of her poems and photos right here!

Close your eyes, here you will see;
The path between the trees.
Calling from serenity, the divine union,
The everlasting, the perfection;
A space where nature breathes

Absolutely love her artwork. One of my favorite things about twitter
discovering people like this lady
Check her work out and recommended follow .

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 Cuded Site Facebook page has some awesome artwork photos and super links!
 Check them out!
Cuded Site

Rachel Cohen
One of the most awesome people on twitter. Always shares and has positive things to say. Has such a super talent in photography. I get inspired by her work. If you are not following this lovely lady you should be.
Checkout Rachels awesome photos at
Since its fall coming up in the northern hemisphere thought I would share some of her epic fall photos check them out at
  Fall Foliage

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Reflections by Kate

 Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art. - Neil Gaiman
Checkout her words and images here....

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Shared by my good friend Darrell who always keeps me in touch with music around Nashville
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 Macy Medford Just Me and You 
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This Months Interesting Twitter Peeps

Love her blogposts on Plantations
One of my favorites is this one !

Magnolia Plantation is one of the oldest plantations in Charleston. It was established in 1679 by Thomas and Ann Drayton and has been owned by their descendants for over 300 years. It was used during the Colonial era for rice cultivation and saw the American Revolution fought on its grounds.

Amateur photographer living in beautiful southwestern Virginia. He works as a wildlife biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Checkout his awesome images like these at 
A Focus on Nature

Sofia on Twitter
Recently I made a trip to Stockholm (Sweden). It was a warm and sunny day that I enjoyed very much.
I took so many photo’s that I decided im gonna do more than one post about the city. So this first one is about the Old Town (Gamla stan) – the old part of Stockholm.
Checkout her photos of Sweden here.

One of my favorite Facebook pages here. Always inspiring words and photographs.  A good page for celebrity of the past photos and works of art as well !

My Song by PJ.Johnson 

Beautiful photography, incredible art and clever design. That pretty much sums it up.
My Modern Met is where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas.