Friday, October 4, 2013

Tweets for the Month of September

Laura Bentley @ABBestphotos
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Images like these 

 Cheers to my good friend Cathy ! The cuddly Canadian for tweeting this !
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The lovely 
         Ellie Goulding here @elliegoulding
How Long Will I Love You

It Started with a Song 
It started with a song… yes I know, it usually does! This isn’t about a particular song but many I’ve learned to love. It’s mainly about me and my piano, a love affair that started oh so many years ago.

 writer, painter, music lover, caffeine addict ~ if I could change the world... I would fill it with love and music

Daniel Pollock 
Daniel on Twitter @danielpollock
The Running Boy
A hideaway lake in the mountains above Los Angeles. A reclusive bachelor. A woman journalist on the run with a mystery boy… just a step ahead of a pair of hired killers. These are the initial ingredients of this full-throttle, nonstop chase thriller, which accelerates from the opening pages to its breathtaking finale.
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Poetry and Art by 
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Piercing through night's blackness,
   With tiny graceful beams,
These glittering spots of starlight
   Guide my nightly treasured dreams.