Thursday, March 21, 2013

Highlighted Tweeters

Rachel Cohen
Check out Rachels photos! One of my favorite abstracts of Rachel's is 

Mila Falls

S.Chu feat. Mila Falls 'Oh My'

Stefan Levesque 
Been reading Stefan's blogs for a while now and are always an enjoyable read with some great images as well ! Super person to follow on Twitter. Good for a chat and an awesome sharer of information!
Follow on Twitter at  

Have a read of his poetry and blog here ! Well worth a look! 

 Jack Thompson 

    Fantastic person and author! Jack is one of my favorite people on twitter and I have just started reading his books recently! Great Reads ! Make sure you pick yourself  up a copy of one of his books Fantastic! 
Follow on twitter here @jack_writes 

 The Color of Greed

A twenty-five foot cruiser floated idly next to the dock at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, just north of Seal Beach on the Southern California coast. A recent storm in the Pacific had churned up enough sea to send choppy waves now and again into the bay. As the boat rocked up on a wave, the name Maid Marion flashed momentarily into view in the moonlight. The sound of two voices interspersed with giggles echoed from below deck.

A recent interesting post was the one on Monkey Orchids 

Paul Steele

aka The Bald Hiker
Follow on Twitter  @BaldHiker
Check Steve and his friends documented trip to Borneo here!

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