Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Celebrity Tweets Birthdays,Pregnancies,Premieres

    Celebrity tweets, Milla Jovovich has her Resident Evil Afterlife being released this week so she has been tweeting about her stunts and interviews for that movie. Carey Hart is wishing his sexy mamma a happy birthday.While his sexy mamma, Pink's  birthday wish is to save a puppy . Also she went to a wedding early this week and was wondering if it was ok to attend naked.
  Elizabeth Banks is listening to Dolly Parton , wild hotel sex and Kanye West thrown in, what a combination.
 Christina Applegate is pregnant and loves carrots.While other tweeting news comes from Stephanie Rice the Australian swimmer who called the South African Rugby team a bunch of faggots which did'nt go down well with her sponsors and Kelly Osbourne tweeting a picture of herself in bra and panties smoking a cigarette.

  • lol! i hve 2 say, sometimes running from 200 zombie xtras is pretty frightening! + i dream abt zombies now which sucks.
  • thanks so much every1! that was awesome, thanks 4 the questions and replies! u guys rock!
  • i hve 2 go do a photo shoot now! tweet u later! hi girl! luv u!
  • we did 3 mnths of training. martial arts n swordwork, wire training n gun practice! it was abt 4 to 6 hrs a day!
  • the fight w alice, claire n the "executioner" is unbelievably cool n the wesker, claire/chris redfield fight is jst amazing!
  • hey every1! show your excitement for the Resident Evil:Afterlife by RT'ing #RE4 once in a while b4 the movie opens this weekend!!
  • hey every1! i will be doing a live interview w @teamIGNUK in britain today at 430pm british time! send in your questions 2 them now!

Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer

  • And its a special day today! Its my sexy mamma's b day today!!! Letting @pink sleep in.
  • I need 2 move 2 the country. I don't even have a jump to play on. heL.A. RT 
  • Awesome day had a blast playing on my freestyle jump with @MadMick26 @JTmoney62 so pumped to be able to ride again
  • Up early with my cup 'o coffee. Really wanna go burn off some energy, but this damn weather is pretty unmotivating
Corey Hart and his Tattoo Shop Vegas 

  • for my birthday, i want everyone that can, to rescue a dog! wouldn't that be an amazing day
  •  it's a new moon on my birthday. thanks universe:) oh, and the weather calls for clouds, with sun pushing through. story of my life! hahaa
  • thank you all for the birthday wishes:) we should all be congratulating my mama:) she did all the work. thanks mommy:) i love you. xoxo
  • I am an idiot. I flew to a wedding without my clothes. Is it rude to wear nothing? How about jeans and a wifebeater? Cocktail napkins?
  • Hotdamn! RT@hartluck: Long day of travel today. Going to a country wedding! Ready to drink me some moonshine, and hopefully shoot some guns!
Pink Interview

  • On another note, I like carrots
  • Reading augusten bur roughs "a wolf at the table" I have loved all his books, but this one is so compelling and beautifully heartbreaking.
  • Ok, my new Boppy preggo pillow has made life even more sublime! Holy crap!
  • There r advantages and disadvantages to waking at 6am.Advantage, I can hear a woodpecker in the tree,'s 6am
  • obviously it is of great importance to eat healthy foods while pregnant. But it is all ok to have a treat on occasion

  • I'll go ahead and say it: listening to other people's loud hotel sex is pretty great. You go, room 492!
  • Listening to great interview on NPR with one of the all time great broads, Dolly Parton.
  • Listening to @kanyewest 's Monster. Get it online cuz no way they can play half of it on the radio!
  • Happy Labor Day. Just went for a hike. That's all I got in answer to "what's happening" - that's all this is, right?
  • I just passed a major milestone of womanhood: Now more worried about wrinkles than zits.
  • Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. Buddha
  • Everyone you encounter has a gift and a lesson for you.

  • Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power. ~~~ John Steinbeck
  • Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent. ~~~ Ronnie D. Laing

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