Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beiber Fever and Sinatra's Wine

 Justin Beiber

Getting details on the August 31st show at MSG...gonna be INSANE!!! Everyone come fill the streets! We are gonna try and make history!!!
Now MY WOLRD Tour it is time for some much needed rest and relaxation.....see u guys next weekend in TORONTO!!!! We bringing it HOME!!
tweeting with @kanyewest and on stage with @drakkardnoir this week. 

Over a year ago I posted this vid...LIFE IS CRAZY - http://bit.ly/e80ct
Im telling u people. Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Go after ur dreams...dont let anyone stop u. NEVER SAY NEVER!! CRAZY SUNDAY
An I'm honored that you like my Music @JustinBieber!!! You gotta hear the album. Maybe we can do something together. Me, You and Raekwon

 All young girls are mad over Justin. GreatGaGa's girls are the same.

Nancy Sinatra
Recording Nancy for Frank with @Brian WilsonLive yesterday. Airs Sunday. http://tweetphoto.com/39597437

Good morning all! Well, I'm off to San Francisco on the first leg of the SINATRA WINE safari. http://www.sinatrafamilyestates.com/ xoxoxo

@JayLink_ 'new music soon?' ~Working on jazz & Christmas albums and collection of unreleased material called 'from the vault' but not soon.

Our new Frank Sinatra Estate wines are coming out soon. We will be introducing them in Napa, NY and NJ. Excited to see the vineyard Friday

       Nancy the boots are still going strong.Keeping walkin Nancy!

 Rob Thomas
i can watch episodes of IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA over and over.

people with jobs and security find it really easy to be hard on people who need a hand to get by. hope they never find themselves there, too

after weeks away, it's always nice to wake up in your own bed.  

GreatGaGa loved Cradlesong some great songs there Mr Thomas

Cindy Crawford

Love family vacations! Was up with the sun making my friend Kelly’s banana bread for my kiddies! http://cindy.com/news/kitchen
To bring yourself love and happiness, do what you can to bring them to others.

watched four back to back old #sexinthecity episodes last night--guilty pleasure!

thxs 4 the suggestions. think i'll have 2 check out #inception & #theotherguys 4 sum laughs. now just have 2 get a date nite w the husband!
Cindy looks perfect as usual

 Russel Crowe

@TiffanyLouise_ I have never owned a castle. You are getting my life and newspaper articles confused.

@therealsteavis Cool.Excellent karmic circle mate. Nobody believes me when I tell them the first "live" show I went to was Marcel Marceau.

Analogue Dialogue Replacement. Which technically is incorrect because we do it digitally these days, but the process is still called ADR.
@russellcrowe American National Rugby League Semi Final information http://ow.ly/d/5Jh

Russel loves his Rugby League and so does GaGaGod.Your Rabbitohs are in some trouble.I can't see them making the eight Russel.

Liz Hurley
V nice lunch at Hotel du Cap-what a lot of memories from many insane stays during the festival in my past life.
3rd espresso of the morning....naughty but nice
Just starting new Tess Gerritson I seized at the airport. 2nd fave thriller writer after the gorgeous Harlan Coben. Loving it so far.
Big bright sun but cold in South of France. Swathed in cashmere by pool.
 We're all learning the step by step choreography from Lady Ga Ga's telephone video-buying fishnets & blonde wigs tomorrow.

Are we doing a Ga Ga skit Miss Hurley.Always turned on by your high class hooker look Liz.

 Tara Moss Australian Author
My, that's an interesting #trueblood cover. I am hopelessly distracted now. Hopelessly http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/17389/191809

@InStyleMag Thanks! I hope you love Siren. PS Great Jolie cover x: RT Siren has just launched in the UK...one of @InStyleMag's fave authors!

'In cyberia, all that twitters is not gold', by @JohnBirmingham http://bit.ly/9k3ZrZ (Ok, I'll hashtag..) #ausvotes


Distorted Photography - Henry Marion Takes Stunning Photos Using Only a Canon EOS 5D Mark II… http://goo.g

Sea Anemone-Inspired Rings - The New Le Blob Jewelry Collection by Fernando Akasaka is… http://goo.gl/fb/MQjDX



ღ Without the bitter baby, the sweet ain´t as sweet . ~ Vanilla Sky

40 Splendid Mist Photographs http://short.to/yhif #Beautiful! ❙ RT @Flipbooks @paul_steele @2morrowknight

ღ Just because I can not see it,doesn`t mean I can`t believe it... ~ (Jack) Nightmare before Christmas

I would thank u from the bottom of my heart, but for u my heart has no bottom. ~ Unk ❙ RT @awakeningaimee @ZAGrrl

50 Heartwarming Examples of Flowers & Spring Photography http://is.gd/bs9Hw #Photography ❙ RT @Flipbooks @Ann_Atomic @Twammy_Awards

There is a time to let things happen, and a time to make things happen. ~ Anon #quote ❙ RT @ShutterBugGeek

Like your Tweets TrendyDc.Photography and Quotes

Conceptual #Photography Pictures Speak http://ow.ly/2r3hy

#Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever ~Tinkerbell #quote

How Earthquakes Work http://bit.ly/aLmF6U (HowStuffWorks)

Winners of: SlideshowBox Photo Gallery Templates Contest http://bit.ly/bC7NLg

Variety and quality tweets follow you until the cows come home.

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