Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tweets of Gold December 8th

      Our Top ten this week sees the lovely Autumn springing into the top spot.While Fleur flies into the number 2 spot with forward moves from Anthia and Yvonne Nicolas.While farmer Darrell works so hard on building the family and tries to help everyone moves up another spot.

Tweet that made me SMILE. 
This one wins because its so straight. telling it like it is. I had too laugh. I can relate to a shopping Centre being just what Jodi says because I work in one. 
aha type in drumchapel shopping centre am like a street away frm that shit hole..
Tweet that made me go WOW.
I thought these 3D tattoos were amazing artwork.
 Amazing 3D Tattooer : David Corden -
 Tweet Top Tip of the week
 Great Bird Photography Tips.
 Backyard Bird Photography Tips

The sweet lady who finds some amazing quotes and connects with people so well. If you have a party going on invite Autumn,she's fun and brings people together.Great sense of humor as well.

Seduce my mind and you can have my body. Find my soul and I'm yours forever.
@ this is awesome, my little town is called "JERSEY SHORE" it's not in Jersey and there is no shore:) go figure, TY

Number 2   @_Fleur__
The princess from Utrecht Netherlands.If there is a great graphic design or photographic image out there Fleur tweets it.Fantastic to have a chat with as well.
Amazing 3D Tattooer : David Corden -
Amazing Traveling Photos by Saul Santos Diaz -
Digital Art by Irmantas Genotas

The Diva of soul and dinner. Always there to help with my blogs and make comments.What would I do without my precious Diva. Put's forward great ideas and lifts me up when I am feeling a bit down.Cheers Diva!

If you want your heart to feel good tweet with this lady has to be the most beautiful person in the twitosphere.

Let the dawn of wonder stretch across shallowed breath, here is the precipice! Fall into the vast sky, you will fly, you will heal.
 Like a fallen leaf/I am fragile/yet came from great purpose/I live/I die/yet as I come 2 earth again/I am still beautiful/Beauty never ends

Heal in the wonder of your truth. What has come to pass was gathered in your greatness. Seek nothing, experience everything.

Twitter Tips

Help make the twitter family a happy loving family. 

1 When you like something, retweet it.

2 You don't have to love something to tweet it.If you tweet someones poems ,stories,music or personnel blogs.You make them feel good.Which gives you a good feeling as well.

3 Help people connect.Link some of your friends with some other good twitter people.

4 Make some positive comments on peoples blogs or tweets.

5 Help tweeters get to know each other through your tweets.

Number  5      photoasia

Christopher is a great friend always thanks you and chats to you.He tweets some great tweets on photography tips.They are fantastic.

Breathtaking Seascapes by J. Patterson via @

Beautiful Nataly, a sweet canadian lady who always tweets some great stuff.Has taken some lovely photos herself.

Beautiful photos by Nataly
88 More Awesome Shots To Help You Appreciate RT @  @
Beauty Of Nature: 100 Brilliant Examples Of Bird Photography RT @
6 Species of Owls  

Legends of Twitter
Ruhani Rabin  

For all your tech info,photography or some valuable life/relationship tips.Follow a great person and good friend. Ruhani's blog posts.

 Paul Steele   

Supplier of great info and super photography shots, follow Paul the mountain man from the British Isles.Some of his blog posts.

Ariaa Jaeger     

A lovely lady always sending out a message of love.A message plus some quotes from Ariaa.

There is no kinder more thoughtful person than Bryn and he deserves his first appearance in our legends of twitter.

If you want to lift yourself up... lift up someone else. ~Booker T. Washington
Tough times never survive. Tough people do. -Unknown
 It's never too late  never too late to start over, never too late to be happy. Jane Fonda

 This lady should have been in legends last week.Sorry Cindy about the error.She is such a genuine lovely lady.Who always replies and retweets.She has a beautiful blog where she promotes her friends photography.Check it out below.
Maciej Leszczynski is a self-taught landscape and cityscape photographer, based in Sopot, Poland. He has created this breathtaking collection of dreamy black and white fine-art photography more.....
Number 7  @anthia2012

The great Greek Goddess of the Retweet.Cheers Anthia!

RT @ .48 Beautiful Mountains In Swiss Alps:

RT @ A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love ~ Mother Teresa RT @
RT @ Creative Landscape by Kalle Kataila

Number 8     @farmerdarrel

The amazing Darrell helps connect people and you always know what he is doing on his working day as he tweets it.If he is in a shop,gallery,if he comes across pigeons,woodpeckers his tweeting friends see it.Loves his cakes and Grateful Dead and loves his twitter family.Top Friend!

Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia via @

Number 9        @GritFX

 Manz a top tweeter and some great T shirts.She also takes some top photos,Love the black and white ones in A Day In Images.Check them out below.
 Manz and GritFX team A Day in Images 

Manz of GritFX Tees
32 Truly Breathtaking Landscape by Jeremy Jackson: RT @ @

When you have nothing to say - let images do the talking...

Yvonne has a great sense of humor and loves to have a chat.
What were you doing when Lennon was shot? Her answer.
30 years ago, I'm sure I was sucking on a pacifier and driving my mom bananas. LOL!
                     Demetri Bithanos  Black Rayne

Fatigue weighs heavily on me as Lady Sun kisses the sky. The ingrained downfall of my nature makes me sluggish. Don’t think of this as a complaint. I’ve come to terms with the disadvantage of my extended curse…and gift.  More.....

People To Follow 

Celebrity Tweeter of the Week 

Britney Spears

Had such an amazing photoshoot with Mario Testino today. So fun! -Britney
Ok, off on a romantic weekend with Jason for my birthday.  xoxo Brit
I'm almost done with my new album and it will be coming out this March.  I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!

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Quilts and Heirlooms Team said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments about me Lee; and for adding me,and for keeping me amongst your Tweets of Gold.

I'm happy to have participated in such a helpful way to you and your blogs.

You're such a dedicated blogger. I admire your ambition, all of your lovely photos, and the musical tributes that you present on your blogs.

Great going. Keep it up Lee.
Thanks for everything.