Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tweets of Gold October 23rd

    This week we have big changes in our top ten with big moves from Knotts09, Reinem, and Affinity5. Love Christines black and white photo tweets she has jumped into the number one spot.The other two ladies are new entries into the top ten and are possible number 1 contenders in the near future.Reinem with her beautiful poetry and words.While Affinity5 has been posting a good variety of photographs.Our celebrity tweeter this week is Taylor Swift she has been in Paris with her brother under the Eiffel Tower.

            Number 1

The Beautiful Photography of Sandra on the Rocks
Awesome Black & White Photos, by Marciej Boryna -
40+ Breathtaking National Geographic Photos « Smoking Designers  

      Number 2

52 Stunning Long Exposure Photographs  
25 Marvelously Captured Shadows:
59 Breath-taking wildlife ::

        Number 3

40 Most Beautiful Hand-Drawn Website Designs
50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

Twitter Tips for Beginners 
Some ideas on what to tweet.Use sites like these and tweet some facts or news that interests you,It may interest your followers too.

      Number 4

Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold. ~Maurice Setter

       Number 5

70 Beautiful Examples Of Rain
 World's Biggest Collection of Inspiring & Creative [230 Pics]  

    Number 6

  Best Rainbow Photos Ever
 140 Twitter Tips from Twitter Users Around the World

Twitter Helpers

        Number 7
Love directly. Do not think about love. Do not find something to love. Be love and shine love. Follow the love to your truth.
Love for no rational reasons. Love because it is what you are and what you understand.
Never take for granted if you have someone who hugs you at night, wakes with you each morning and kisses your Soul. You are blessed


 Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, success, and achievement in real life grows. - Ben Stein

     Number 9

Accept everything about yourself. You are you, and that is the beginning and the end; No apologies, no regrets.--Clark Montanas

       Number 10

 Hand-reared endangered spiders released into the wild
Wildlife Photography by Stefano Unterthiner | Professional Blog

Celebrity Tweets of the Week
Eiffel Tower. Hanging out with my brother. Thumbs up.

Number 1 Precdiction

Just out of our top ten are the following all good tweeters to follow.

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