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Tweets of Gold November 4th

   The Tweets of Gold chart this week has another new number 1 Bryn Moore CalmTheDragon has breathed enough fiery passion into his quotes,photos and work with teenagers to climb to the top spot. ReineM the Goddess of the whispering wind with her beautiful words and poetry has moved into number 2 .Good friends like Christine and Ruhani are still high in the charts with Natally from Canada making waves with her photos and quotes.TifPersoons and Handmadediva are top ten debutants.Cheers to all my good twitter friends.

"Life is an echo...what you send out comes back." ~Chinese Proverb RT @
Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. 
Most incredible Canyons in the World RT @Stunning Sunrise Photos for Your Enjoyment - RT @  
Running a couple of groupwork programmes for teenagers at the moment. It always amazes me how much of a bad press...

The wind is howling here. It goes to the bone. As it takes the salt of the sea it carries it like a whisper across my face. Peaceful!
Draw to the wind, as it wraps you in solitude. Move through the element, air is the breath of creation.
Beloved, let the kiss wake inspiration. Between mortal redemption and the muse of perception, lies the world we create

42 awe inspiring photos of extreme weather via @
Kick Back & Relax: 26 Soothing Water on the Rocks | WebEcoist
PHOTOS: What To See Do If You Were At Katy Perry & Russell Brand's Wedding

Twitter Tips for Beginners

1 Put thought into your Bio
2 Use some interesting images for your background that says something about you.
3 Always be Yourself
4 Engage with people by making small positive comments on their tweets that interest you.
5 Try to post three or four tweets a day so people know that you are alive.
6  If a follower interests you or you have things in common try following a dozen of their followers.
7 Take note that the people you follow have tweeted within the last couple of days. You don't want to be following people who rarely tweet unless they are close friends.

11 Powerful Ways to Expand Your Life This Year!
50 Beautiful Photographs Of A Cloudy Day.
7 Cool Photo Upload Alternatives for


The life cycle of a Manzanita leaf by Rob Herr
Unconditionel love comes out of a broken heart, that has been healed. - Khoa Nhut Nguyen
Hand-reared endangered spiders released into the wild via @

Animal : 14 (More!) Modern Homes for Pets : WebEcoist

Funny Photos Of Cheeky Face Pets RT @ @

100+ Awe Inspiring Black & White Photographs
30 Powerful & Fresh Examples of Black/White Photography « PSDFan
A beautiful sepia photoset by I_travel_east RT @

Twitter Lists Help

   Sort your followers into groups with Lists.Some ideas are a celebrity list where you can follow celebrities without having them in your main stream.You don't have to be following a person to have them on your list. Just list them and then unfollow them.

When you get listed try following people in that list they maybe someone who has the same musical taste or sense of humor.If someone has listed me I always try to find a place in one of my lists for them.
Don't forget you can list yourself in your own lists.I usually list my self in the lists that i have people who i really enjoy.Hope this has been some help.
You can have a sport list,music list,tweeters that make you laugh list. Try to be inventive when naming your lists. E.GSupersports,MusicMaestros,Thejesters.


Colorful photos of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai: RT @
Stunning photographs of animals inside womb


Device gives parents their child's eye view | RT @ @ @

Number 10
@ Of course, you're aware that Sam used to sing with the Soul Stirrers. Here's a clip where Mr.Crume mentions Sam...

Celebrity Tweeter

I love it when celebrities uplift people and Pink does this with this tweet,should be more of it.


this is so amazing!!!!!!!
Just out of our top ten and great tweeters to follow are:

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