Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top Tweeters Week 13th November

   The first two spots remain unchanged for this week with Bryn Moore the dragon calmer still at number one.The beautiful Reine still at two. Nataly moves into three with her tweets of cuteness this week.Ruhani at four and the big move coming from Miss North with her words making an impact.The Diva is still moving up into our lucky seven spot.
Number 1


The Welsh Association of Anger Management is a North Wales based company that provides training and support for anyone who is dealing with their own or another’s anger.
We offer programmes that cover all aspects of anger and stress management as well as courses that enable individuals to deal with difficult and challenging behaviour more effectively. 

Number 2
Crossing the River
Each time we move through a lesson, we resonate stronger, light reaches further, we become a more compassionate service to humanity.
Knowing this, be brave and let your lessons expand your heart/soul. Learn, what we become from this is all we are meant to be.

Number 3

Nataly the lady that tweets cute with little Mocha and friends.
10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World.  
So cute! Mocha in "His First Broccoli!" … via @

     Twitter Tips for Beginners
1 Make Positive Comments
2 Have Fun
3 Retweet
4 Promote someones blog or tweet, makes them feel good and also makes you feel good.
5 Join in with a discussion.
6 Like what someone says or posts, let them know
7 Always be kind
8 Join in with Follow Fridays,Sunday Smiles or Followbacks.
9 Always send a message of thanx if someone has kind, positive things to say about you.

Mr Tech and Info man .A great guy to go with it. Cheers Ruhani!

Number 5

A giant sunflower in this field pick her out. Sunflower field

feels like an unseen whithering flower in a field not yet discovered and walked through...

Number 6


Christine the jetsetter with love and compassion. 

RT @: Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. -- Dalai Lama

Number 7

How does her garden grow?Her food photos make you feel like your eating at her place.She does'nt like ants on her plants,there is an L in that word.Cheers to the diva!Great for a chat and you want anything handmade seek her out. 

Three Little Birds

Number 8
The Mountain Man
Coniston Old Man is one of my favourites to this day. Perfect for a quick climb, a slow meander or for training in snow/ice in the winter.  As my dad must have thought I totally agree this mountain is perfect for a family climb with it's wide paths, glorious views and (if clear) view of future climbs from the top.

Number 9 

Cindy the Photographers Friend
Michael Levin is a fine-art photographer who presently lives in Vancouver, Canada. His soulful and evocative photographs have gained inetrnational attention

Number 10 

Trust the dreams for hidden in them is the gate to eternity. Kahlil Gibran
Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. Albert Einstein

   Youth is like spring, an over praised season more remarkable for biting winds than genial breezes. Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits. Samuel Butler

Number 1 Prediction

Katherine Piper a work of art.Our prediction for number 1.Just love her art and her tweets are tops as well. Cheers Katherine!

Others to Follow

Celebrity Tweet 
Sending out a rescue message for this pup.

 Help! Shepherd pup has until tomorrow to be saved☛ /via @

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Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Beautiful photos; and I'm honoured to still be amongst your "Tweets of Gold".

Thanks for visiting and LINKING to my blog. So very much appreciated.

Bob Marley is one of my favorite Reggae artists.Waiting in Vain is one of my favorites from him.