Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tweets of Gold December 1st

       The top ten this week sees Reine from Long Island with her beautiful words and heart move back up from last weeks slight fall.Then Edna the Diva and Autumn the angel moving into two and three.While Chris mate,words and girl power had to make it to the top eventually, love his photography info.Fleur charges up to the 5 spot with her great photography tweets.
   There is two new entries at the lower end of the top ten with Farmer Darrell creeping in with his tweets from the art gallery and his sense of humor .If you need a laugh see Farmer Darrell.
Queen of the RT's finds some great stuff does our angel from Athens
Anthia makes it in at number nine. There are some great people too follow just out of our top ten and they are listed below with a new legends too follow as well.Come and join the fun.

The lady with a heart of honey and words sweeter than.

All that we pray for, all that we dream of, all that we wish for, is still in creation, pulling through Nature, light &love. In our hearts.
Heal in the wonder of your truth. What has come to pass was gathered in your greatness. Seek nothing, experience everything.
Center from heart, then the Soul will guide you. Here as children, we are the wonder, the mystery, the purpose, the journey

I have to come to dinner one day she even makes frozen food sound and look great.LOL Thumbs up for the Diva.

I have seen and purchased fresh Tilapia from the Farmer's Market.(still in the skin, guts, etc) The filets shown here are just easier to deal with if your mind is on quilting, sewing, knitting and crochet, and you just want to get dinner finished as fast as possible.

Number  3    AutumnSnyderx 

Where do you find your quotes. Love them Autumn.Don't divulge the secret/Just keep them coming.A great party starter and has a knack of bringing people together.

Sunshine surrounds the earth as love surrounds our souls.
You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light. - Edward Abbey
My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn. ~Louis Adamic
The highest wisdom is loving kindness. ~ Talmud
The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.-Native American saying.

 Number  4      photoasia
Love your photo tweets Chris.Too much girl power and word power. You could'nt hold them off for another week.

Images from the Photoasia website.

Our Twitter Tip for this week 

A twitter party, start one today, link up with a group of people and start having some fun.Just include 4,5 or even 6 in your tweets so that everyone sees what's going on.Thanks to Darrell and Autumn for this one it was a new one on me but quite a bit of fun.
Darrell the erotic plant farmer and Autumn the multi tasking tweetsleeper.LOL

The sweet tweeter Nataly.Love the images she tweets.

Tears are words the heart can't express” ~Unknown | RT @ @ 
Majestic Creatures by Andrew Zuckerman (10 photos) RT @ @

Number 6   @_Fleur__
I don't know where she digs up the art and photography tweets from but they are great, keep them coming Fleur. Good person to chat with as well.

Cool Photos and Artworks #12 (thedesigninspiration) -  
Spectacular Black and White Photographs of Cityscapes -
14 Best Museums in the World -

Number 7        @GritFX
Amanda does the same as Fleur finds some great photo shots and can she talk.LOL Only joking! Beautiful lady. Just check out her T Shirt Shop

48 ads that would never make it today: RT @ @
 30 Majestic Bird -
35 Conceptual Black and White Photography – Concepts captured!! via @

 Legends of Twitter

Our five legends of twitter to follow are

Ruhani Rabin  For all your tech info,photography or some valuable life/relationship tips.Follow a great person and good friend.

 Paul Steele   Supplier of great info and super photography shots, follow Paul the mountain man from the British Isles.

Ariaa Jaeger     This lady is one lovely lady always sending out a message of love.Have a listen to her sing and you know there is an angel in the house.

2morrowknight  Mister Info man with some good quotes and genuine kind heart. Check out his latest  awesome blog on The Warriors Way.

Ann Tran A lovely lady full of information and some great quotes to lift your day.

Number 8    CalmTheDragon 
Hi Bryn there is plenty of action in our top ten.I think you might be heading for the legends section of our chart.

You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down" ~Charlie Chaplin RT @ @
50 Beautiful Winter Wonderland : RT @ @
33 Breathtaking Winter Mountains & Lakes by C. Phillips: RT @ @

Number 9  @anthia2012
Anthia you are queen of the retweets you find so much great stuff.If you want to chat to a lovely lady follow Anthia.The angel of Athens.

RT @ ღ Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. ~ Gordon Parks
RT @ 70+ Amazing and Sand RT @ RT @: Amazing Green Butterfly!  
RT @ 40 Hour Doodles: These Are Not Photographs! - RT @

Number 10     @farmerdarrell
 Hi Darrell, The man with the xotic plants and humor to brighten a dull rainy day.Thanks for the laughs my friend.You are fantastic!

I could make an awesome omelet with that egg!! RT @: Im not really an egg I just play one on twitter....
i'm tying mistletoe around @'s waist.
and love your fellowman buddy (even Bollywood Actresses) :) RT @: I'm following @ him/her @
from me and @'s childhood :) -- chevy van via @

 People to Follow

 Celebrity Tweeter

     Our Celebrity Tweeter is one out of left field.Novelist Yvonne Nicols who was telling us that she is working on three books at the moment.Have a read of her last one. Here is a review.

First, let me say, this book is riveting! The cover attracted me, and after reading the excerpt on Yvonne's FB page, I purchased it. What can I say, if you're a lover of the paranormal, this is a must have. To sum it up, Black Rayne Silent Screams is a dark, gothic read that pulls you in from the beginning and will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book  more....

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Quilts and Heirlooms Team said...

Thanks Lee for adding me; and for allowing me to hold the #2 spot this week amongst your Tweets of Gold.

I'm pleased that you found me worthy of your mention.

Loving your lovely photos, musical tributes,etc that you present on your blogs.