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Tweets of Gold March 16th 2011

The informative ,fun,positive people on twitter to follow this week.
     Climbing the charts to the top spot this week is the beautiful @WenataBabkowski with plenty of great photo and info tweets. Taking over from  our super young inspirational tweeter. They are super follows but really any of the people who are contained in our charts or awards should be followed for positive gain!

All these are good people to follow!
@ @ @  @ @
plus others in our Ten

Number 1
Wenata a lovely lady who tweets some amazing images!Just take a look at her galleries. Loves nature and is very  committed to environmental and humanitarian causes. 

35 Ways to Make the World a More Beautiful Place - /via @ @@

Photo Essay: A Glimpse of Life in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) 

Life is a paradise for those who love many things with a passion. ~L. Buscaglia ♥ /via@goldlis @ @ @

30 Incredible and Beautiful Examples of Dew  /via @ @

Golden Eye 
Image of the week

Breathtaking Long Exposure  and How to Capture It RT @ @ @


55 Beautiful Photos Of Cities In Lights -   RT @

Number 2 

Amit a young guy on a mission, sending out positive tweets of love and inspiration. A super follow get on board.

A Soulful Prayer for the World   

"The  speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart." - Unknown 

"A match can light up a fire, a star can light up the sky, but you are the only one that can light up my heart." - Unknown 

"Where ur pleasure is, there is ur treasure: where ur treasure, there ur heart; where ur heart, there ur happiness." - S. Augustine

Reboot your Life with Love : 6 steps to master the Soul  

Your presence in my life brings wonderful  and loving thoughts within my heart." - Unknown 

 Golden Eagle

RT @ Who Knew Sea Slugs Were This Gorgeous! RT @ @ @

Breathtaking Long Exposure  and How to Capture It RT @ @ @

Number 3 
A beautiful lady that tweets revealing info on our world today.If you want a lift in your tweeting day. Follow an uplifting spirit. Always makes you feel good! 
 The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any ~ Alice Walker

The Great Amnesia How we became slaves to oil 

Golden Sun Award 
Quote of the Week

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." Franz Kafka

"Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom." Rabindranath Tagore

Number 4

Our beautiful poet Diana Lee has some great poetry of her own but also introduces us to more super poets like  @.
RT @: lerrnstoff word rider  by @ <- always too good to me 

// you • are the first color I ever saw • with my eyes closed // 

Golden Guitar 
Music Tweet

Thanks Autumn for a spotlight on Sarah Mclachlan music!

- Sarah McLachlan - Witness  via @

- Sarah McLachlan - Adia [Official Music Video] 

Number 5
Finds great image tweets add in some good conversation and you have a great follow!

100 Exceptional Examples Of Portrait 
Best Examples of Fashion  – 

Extreme Speed  | Top Design Magazine

Golden Smile/Funny

This is the honeydrops reply to Autumn request to wanting to get her hair funked and spunked!


@ @ will send somemore the morra am too fucked man... u want ur hair fucked and spunked lol xxx

@ @ I Honestly Read That Wrong Am Like U Cant Get That Lmao!! Aww Well Lmao Shame On Meee LOL xxx

@ @ lmao.. Oh man canni believe i even said that man! totally read that wrong man lolololololol xx

Number 6
Should call her mix it up Gina! Always finds a good variety of different information and super quotes!
"There's a lot to admire in the straightforward communication of a wagging tail."  

"Wisdom from the Hokey Pokey. Put your whole self in". 

Fabulous Photos of Mamasita  By Astronaut Douglas Wheelock  

Golden Baws Award
Sporting Tweet

Number 7

The queen of the quote retweet! Always different and she has a top sense of humor to go with it. A must follow!
RT @: Happiness keeps you sweet. Trials keep u strong. Sorrows keep you human. Failures keep u humble. GOD, keeps u going!!!

RT @: RT @

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same


RT @: Don't limit yourself. Don't limit your life.

RT @: Don't find love; let love find u. That's why it's called fallin in love.. Because u don't force yourself to fall.. u just fall.

Golden Tree Award 
Knowledge Tweet  

35 Ways to Make the World a More Beautiful Place - /via @ @@

Number 8

Lovely Lorien from Vegas. A great friend! Always thoughtful! A great sense of humor! 
 TY very timely! RT @: @ The Beatles- A Day in the Life  via @

to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral of our divinity & still be a human.  

Golden Apple  
New Tweeter
I said to Elle put a request to her boss for extra cash for her deluxe Spa session.


@ Hahaa! I love that idea Lee!....Dear BossLady, We think I need more money for deluxe spa sessions, Love your humble servant! x

Number 9

Another Goddess from the land of the Lochness monster. Love Suz, always great for a chat and her jewellery is fantastic check out her galleries.
suzcat silver designs

RT @: Held suspended ~ you ~ dangle me ~ on a heart string ~ between lust and love  

RT @: It's a beautiful day, whatever and wherever! Let's love each other now, more than ever. We nee… (cont)
Golden Tweeter

// even • as the rising sun sets • the tide apologizes // 
// you • are the first color I ever saw • with my eyes closed // 

Number 10
Just Follow! Won't get anyone more entertaining and has the most sweetest super special  brain cell.They need to clone it. 

To love some1 is nothing,To be loved is something,To love and be loved is everything. I am nothing, your something..let me be your everything !!!

U Can Close You're Eyes From The Things U Don't Want To Hear....But U Can Never Close Your Heart From The Things U Dont Want To Feel

there's1 thing i would ask god before i leave the world is to see a glimpse of my babygirl and here her voice before the last beat of my heart.

History Tweet of the Week
St patricks Day
Ireland 100 years ago

 Now and Then (100 yrs ago) – 
Golden Lion 
Legend Tweeter

 A touch of the unreal - paper  by Bomba! 

Golden Buddha
35 Ways to Make the World a More Beautiful Place - /via @ @@

Cute/Sweet Tweet

Fashion Tweet
Best Examples of Fashion  – 

Art Tweet

35 Stunning Fantasy Castle Artworks  - ForCG


Check out these amazing abstracts...I love the way he uses line and color @  RT @ @

Photo Image 
Number One Correspondent
Breathtaking Long Exposure  and How to Capture It RT @ @ @

55 Beautiful Photos Of Cities In Lights -   RT @

40 Extreme Photos Of Antarctica  RT @@

68 Beautiful 'Clouds'   by MoreBCN: (Slide Flickr)

Horrifying Examples of Natural Disaster ! «

Expressive Negative Space  – Negative is Positive! « Graphic Design Blog –  RT @

Black and White Inspiration from Jeremy Cowart  

Art Connection
Art Tweeter of the Week
He has tweeted some super art tweets this week 

60+ ArtRage Paintings by Waheed Nasir  RT @ @

Check out these amazing abstracts...I love the way he uses line and color @  RT @ @

The Animal Spirits Within: Black and White Tribal Totem Animal (PICS) via @ @ 

The Selkies Fairy door OOAK handsculpted by LizasWhimsicalArt 

 A touch of the unreal - paper  by Bomba! 

Words of Wonder Crew
 Number one 

Nature is undoing what man has damaged. As a whole. This is not to end our lives, this is to give us another chance.

"Some people told me I'm a Dreamer.. Yeah I am. Because a Life without a dream, like a guiter without strings"

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
"Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it." Rabindranath Tagore
"Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught." Honore Balzac

The Melting Pot
Music and collection of interesting and informative tweets.
        Best from the  POT  
                   This week it is beautiful Anthia from Athens.

RT @ everyone today has the power to inspire and to change the world. ~@  /via @

RT @ 29 Examples of Fantastic Fisheye Photography Will Make Your Eyes Spin | Artfans Design

RT @ Who Knew Sea Slugs Were This Gorgeous! RT @ @ @

@ I still have one of @ 's Chocolate Drenched Doughnuts, you can have it!! :) , is better than 

off to class -Tracy Chapman ~ Talking about a Revolution 

All of life is actually my school and everybody is my teacher -Denise Lescano  rt @ @

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