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Tweets of Gold March 8th

Tweeters to Follow This Week
The chart this week, finds youth leading the way  with great tweets on confidence and living life. Coming in at number two is Diana Lee and her fabulous poetry .In at three is the lady of the dance Gina Stark and her super subtle humor.Following are others from our top ten.
Don't forget to check the awards, our correspondents and other sharers highlighted like author Yvonne Nicolas and Suz @ from suzcat designs for super follows.

Number 1
The amazing Amit who tweets incredibly insightful info and tips for one so young. Follow for a refreshing positive loving outlook on the future!
Amit's Blog!

10 Great Ways To Show You Are Grateful Today 

Confidence : The Art of Being Yourself by @  
15 Important Laws Of Life:  /via @@ RT @ <- Thnx So Much 
Golden Eye 
Image of the week

Palani Mohan - Photography  via @

The Inspiring Vibrancy of Leaves  RT @ 
Number 2 

Absolutely love this ladies Poetry! Check out her latest post. Click and enjoy! She tweets super as well. Follow for a gem of a read!
A beautiful person! A brilliant poet!
The Good Girl
 Golden Eagle

RT @: RT @: Relationships suck cause people wanna make it 50/50 instead of 100/100; neva thout bout it like that umm!!  

RT @ Power said to the world "You are mine". Love said to the world "I am yours". ~Tagore  /via @
Number 3 
Follow and gain with Gina Stark. Another great info tweeter also throws   in a sprinkling of subtle humor and more than a dash of love.
Moonlight,sunlight or rain she dances!

Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another ~Unkown  

RT @ RT @ The Natural Beauty of our Planet 

Knowledge is power, and enthusiasm pulls the switch. -Steve Droke RT @
Golden Sun Award 
Quote of the Week

"Today, it is very fashionable to talk about the poor. Unfortunately, it isn't very fashionable to talk with them." Mother Teresa
"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving." Khalil Gibran
Number 4
Our lovely North Queensland rainforest correspondent. Diana is such an angel. Always friendly and finds interesting articles revealing info from behind the mask of the world we live in. Follow for good causes and great info!
Reversing Depression Without Antidepressants  via @
"Experience Truth, Art, Beauty and Transformation in Majestic Italy!"

@ in my years on twitter have had less than 1% attempt at selling. Bigger things to do on here and building relationships
Golden Guitar 
Music Tweet
Aerosmith - Livin' On The Edge  via @
@ @ @ @ :) Donovan ~ Mellow Yellow  via @
Number 5
Our Queen of the desert! Be it desert flowers ,pictures in the clouds or rolling tumbleweeds the Lovely Lorien from Las Vegas has it covered for us. Throw in her great sense of humor! A beautiful lady/A heart of gold follow for a fun chat on music or anything for that matter. 
@ @ told u guys it's just soo uGLy! Blows evrywhere, big ones! LOL! 
Golden Smile/Funny
@ she does live out there with the cacti!! where the deer and the cantaloupe roam :) @ @@

@ Lee, wonder if @ will have some with me! RT @: 12 Delicious Edible Insects.
Number 6
A super image tweeter and retweeter follow this great friend who knows where the fish are!

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun -  via @
25 Epic Black and White Portraits - via @
Japanese Graphic Design from the 1920s-30s  via @

20 Beautiful Ocean Fish Photos  
Golden Baws Award
Sporting Tweet
@ @ @ ~ The Top Ten Female Tennis Players Of The 1980's  via @
Follow our two radiant tennis ladies both beautiful girls check them out.
Number 7

This is the new super tweeter on the block.Love her photos check them out  at her blog below!
The world's rarest bird  competition - in pictures /via @ @
Checkout Wenata's Blog!

Golden Tree Award 
Knowledge Tweet  
Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.~Mother Teresa 
Number 8
Do you believe in miracles! Checkout this honeydrop from heaven!
Miss Jodi Hughes!
WOW! She's got to be from heaven nothing could be this sweet from here.
@ @ patch it jellyspoon .. twitter has bipolar goes mental all the time! xxx
@ You're Only As Strong As The Tables You Dance On....The Drinks You Mix... The Friends You Roll With !!!
@ wee live,wee learn,we love, we cry,we try,wee care,thats what friends are for when things get 2 much i'll still be there.
Golden Apple 
New Tweeter

The world's rarest bird  competition - in pictures /via @ 
Number 9
Great follow for images
Life of Sailing - Photography | 43pixels 
Portrait Photography by Sabrina Cichy | 43pixels 
Golden Tweeter

@ You're Only As Strong As The Tables You Dance On....The Drinks You Mix... The Friends You Roll With !!!

"Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation." - Stephen C. Paul - 
Number 10

Checkout this new follow! Retweets some super quotes! Super sweet lady to chat with. I thought Glasgow had the monopoly on sweet but this lady is somewhere from the honey tree as well!
RT @: Its proven that 70% of all stress would go away if we learn to forgive!
RT @: RT @: Relationships suck cause people wanna make it 50/50 instead of 100/100< neva thout bout it like that umm!!
History Tweet of the Week

@ Lee, watch this!! :) Little Rascals -- Gin & Juice via @

Japanese Graphic Design from the 1920s-30s  via @
Golden Lion 
Legend Tweeter

30 Mind Blowing 3D Tattoo Designs -  via @ @

Golden Buddha
Golden Buddha
Confidence : The Art of Being Yourself by @   
RT @: RT @: Relationships suck cause people wanna make it 50/50 instead of 100/100< neva thout bout it like that umm!!!
Photo Image 
Number One 
The Inspiring Vibrancy of Leaves  RT @ 
Get Closer To Untouched     RT @
Golden soul - magnificent paintings, with a touch of vintage by Ileana Cerato  RT @ @

77 Upside Down  [Photography] - 
"Theater of Dreams" and and more fascinating pictures by Dariusz Klimczak (1x.com)   

Pictures of the Day: Libya and Elsewhere: Photographs from Libya, Egypt, Pakistan and Paris.  


Amazing China – A Photography Journey   via @ @

Berlin Nights from Above -   

Wildlife  by Werner Bollmann -  via @
25 Brilliant Examples of Landscape  


22 Stunning Landscapes by Peter Lik | InspireFirst  RT @ @
Art Connection
Artist of the Week

Just listed! Lusterous Belle White Cotton Crocheted Snood by @  
The Dark  Amazing Art Of Sander Rietdijk  /via @ @

Words of Wonder Crew
 Number one 
"Someday we'll find it, that rainbow connection, the lovers the dreamers and me." Kermit Frog
"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving." Khalil Gibran
When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness. Nicole Kidman
Love as much as you can from wherever you are.~Thaddeus Golas RT @ @

you are my rainbow, my love's your sweet rain, let it pour through you, again and again.    

There is a genius in every man and woman waiting to be brought forth. ~ Wallace D. Wattles ✔

The Melting Pot
Music and collection of interesting and informative tweets.
                                                                         Highlighted from the Pot!

I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. ~Ellen DeGeneres
Pegasus, the horse with golden wings. 
Have fun making your gifts with your own images and photos and your friends and family. 


Loving life means keeping your heart as young as your shoe size! 
@ Heya Lee. Have you heard this funny song by Mickey Murray? 

Ancient Chinese Inventions - Ancient China for Kids

Daily Quotes is out!  ▸ Top stories today via @ @ @ @@

America Is Not Broke by Michael Moore - The Huffington Post

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Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Hey Lee. I thought that you would like the Shout BamaLama song by Mickey Murray.Glad that you did.Tis a funny song indeed.

"The preacher and the Deacon was praying one day when along came a bear coming down their way. The Preacher told the Deacon to say a prayer, he said: Lord a prayer won't kill this bear. We've got to make it. We've got to run for it."

Whatever happened to FAITH??? LOL.